Jasmine Pearls | Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls | Green Tea


The leaves of this delicate Chinese green tea are hand-rolled into a characteristic 'pearl' shape, before being naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The flowers are picked in the early morning but not until dusk are they scattered amongst the tea leaves, just as the flowers open and start to release their heady fragrance. Over 4 or 5 hours the tea leaves absorb the flavour and fragrance of the blossoms, a process that may be repeated as many as six or seven times to ensure the perfect balance. 

The result? The beautiful, tightly-rolled pearls unfurl to produce what we hope you will agree is a heavenly cup of tea - delicate, smooth and irresistibly aromatic.

Origin: China 

30g | 12 cups per pack | £0.34 per cup (based on two infusions)

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