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How to Make a Jasmine Arnold Palmer

This drink was the preferred refreshment of a particular golfer, and this simple yet uniquely refreshing combination has since adopted his name. Here we’ve done a twist on tradition and chosen a fragrant Jasmine tea as our base, but this recipe works with lots of teas, including Earl Grey and Keemun. A year-round favourite!

What you need (per drink)

  • 150ml Jasmine tea

  • 50ml Soda water

  • 15ml Lemon juice

  • 15ml Sugar syrup (see below)

  • Ice

Brewing Guide

You can either hot or cold brew this tea, depending on how much time you have:

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To Hot Brew:

  • Spoon approx 15 Jasmine Pearls into a pot or jug

  • Heat freshly drawn, filtered water to approx 80°c (flip the switch of the kettle before it reaches the boil) & then measure 150ml into a jug or pot

  • Infuse for 3 minutes

To Cold Brew:

  • Infuse 15g Jasmine Pearls tea in 1 litre of cold, filtered water

  • Leave in the fridge for 8-10 hours.

  • When happy with the strength and flavour, strain the leaves and keep refrigerated for up to 3 days.


- Prepare your sugar syrup by combining equal parts sugar & water in a pan.

- Bring to the boil & as soon as sugar dissolves, set aside to cool.

- Keep in a lidded jar in the fridge for future drinks.

- Prepare your tea as per Brewing Guide above

- Allow the tea to cool a little if needed

- Fill a tall glass with plenty of ice and a slice of lemon

- Add the lemon juice, syrup & soda water

- Pour the tea over the top & stir well to combine.




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