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Say hello to our new, plastic-free, loose leaf packaging

Though we are a small business, we hope to have a big future ahead of us, and as part of our ongoing commitment to ‘Doing Things Properly' it is important that we play our role in protecting that future. Beyond just providing our customers with a delicious cup of tea, that means the net result of us doing business should be a positive one. And when it comes to packaging, that means balancing the need for efficacy with keeping any waste to a minimum. 

With that in mind, we are delighted to share that this week we begin the rollout of our brand new, 100% plastic-free, loose-leaf packaging. Following the plastic-free certification of our Tea Bags by environmental NGO A Plastic-Free Planet back in 2019 (which we celebrated here) we soon turned our attention to our Loose Leaf range and, with a range of over 30 teas, we knew this would be our biggest area for improvement. 

'Although each of the materials used in our current kraft pouches are recyclable, they are a composite which means that in order for them to be recycled, the materials need to first be separated. In reality, this is a process that not all councils are able to do. We knew we wanted to do better, but only now have we found a solution that ticks all the boxes.'

Emilie, Founder 

Just like our tea bags, our full range of loose leaf teas now makes use of the incredible and all-natural material Natureflex, with its ideal, plastic-like properties, alongside an FSC certified recyclable cardboard outer carton - a solution that both makes use of renewable resources, and is either recyclable or compostable at the end of its life. The cellulose film inside also provides a barrier to oxygen, heat and moisture, ensuring the quality and flavour of the tea leaves inside are protected.

We're working hard to ensure a no-waste transition so you may not see your favourite tea in the new packaging immediately, but rest assured the whole range will be moving over over the next few months - and whatever the outer package, it will be the same delicious teas you know and love inside.

Not only does this change help in our ongoing efforts to minimise our environmental impact as a business, we're also pretty excited about the beautiful new boxes! Do help us spread the news by taking a photo and tagging us on Instagram @goodandpropertea if you're lucky enough to get one of them in your next order : )

For more details on each of the materials we've used in our new packaging, as well as how to dispose of them, head here



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