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How to Make a Matcha Latte

By Emilie Holmes

The combination of intense, savoury Matcha with sweet, creamy oat or coconut milk was a bestseller at our Tea Bar and a popular jitter and dairy-free alternative to your morning coffee fix. Here's how we make ours:

What you need

Method for making Matcha Latte

    1. Sieve your matcha powder into a small, high-sided bowl or Matcha bowl (Chawan)

    2. Add 15ml hot water (if you don't have a temperature controlled kettle, to get 60 degree water simply let the kettle sit for 5 minutes with the lid open after boiling or mix with cold water at a 1:4 cold to boiling ratio)

    3. Use a whisk to make a smooth, green paste, making sure to get rid of any lumps.

    4. Pour the matcha shot into the base of your glass or mug

    5. Heat the milk (in a cafe setting you can use a steam wand to get a smooth, creamy microfoam, but at home heating it in a pan until it just starts to simmer will work just fine. For an extra velvety finish, pour your hot milk into a cafetiere and pulse up and down enthusiastically for 30 seconds!).

    6. Finally pour the milk into the matcha shot

    7. Enjoy as is, or for extra sweetness add half a teaspoon of honey



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