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How to Make a Green Tea & Pear Martini

If a well-mixed martini is the hallmark of any good bartender, this delicious concoction will make mixologists of us all. You’ll need to prepare the infused vodka ahead of time, but otherwise this is a simple drink to make. Given its strength – one part eau de vie and four parts vodka – caution should be taken...

This recipe can be found on p.140 of our book Good & Proper Tea: From Leaf to Cup 

Makes 2 martinis

What you'll need:

  • 100ml (3½fl oz) vodka
  • 2 teaspoons green tea leaves (grassy Japanese Sencha green tea is preferable here)
  • 25ml (3/4fl oz) Poire Williams (eau de vie)* 
  • 20ml (4 teaspoons) lemon juice                            
  • 20ml (4 teaspoons) apple juice
  • Thin slices of fresh pear, to garnish

*If you can't find Poire Williams or eau de vie, try a regular brandy.


- Begin by infusing your vodka with the green tea. This should be left to infuse for at least an hour, but anywhere up to 4 hours is perfect.

- Chill two martini glasses in the freezer whilst you prepare the cocktail. 

- To mix the drink, simply combine the infused vodka, Poire, lemon juice and apple juice in a jug and muddle. Add plenty of ice to chill the drink as quickly as possible and stir one or twice. Do not overmix as this will melt the ice and dilute the martini.

- Strain into the chilled martini glasses and enjoy. 




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