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10 years of Good & Proper Tea

I'm struggling to believe it, but December marked 10 years (yes 10 YEARS!) since I first exchanged a couple of freezing-cold pound coins for a cup of Good & Proper tea at an equally freezing-cold market in East London. Some things haven't changed since then, such as our mission of showing the world how good tea can be, when it's done properly, but a lot else has - and not only the fact that no-one pays with pound coins anymore…

In some ways things are more challenging - we are operating in an increasingly turbulent world, which continues to test us in new and unexpected ways. The climate crisis too has risen up everyone’s agenda, including ours, pushing us to explore, innovate, analyse and do things differently to keep any negative impact on the planet to a minimum as we grow. But despite this new evolving backdrop, or perhaps even thanks to it, we feel at our strongest - our knowledge of the heavily nuanced tea industry has deepened and we better understand the unique position Good & Proper is in to help build a thriving and sustainable tea industry for the future. 

All of this is incredibly motivating for us as a team, knowing that whatever the coming weeks, months and years bring, our actions as a more established business can start to be a genuine force for good. We have a huge amount still to learn, but I am incredibly proud of how far we've come, and more importantly of where we are now.

It was an impossible task choosing just a few moments to document in my scrapbook below (my phone is bursting with photos that tell a story), but hopefully by flicking through you'll get a flavour of what the last decade of growing Good & Proper has been like since we launched our Kickstarter project back in 2012 (the video is worth a watch too if you never have). So while we reflect on those favourite (and not so favourite) moments from the last 10 years, I hope you'll join us and raise a cup of tea to the next 10! We couldn't do what we do without you and there's a lot more magic coming, so I hope you'll stay with us for the next chapter...

- Emilie (Founder)


10 year Scrapbook by Emilie




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