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Collection: Loose leaf teas

There is no doubt that loose leaf tea will brew the best of all cups, thanks to the additional space that the leaves have in which to unfurl. This process of the leaves stretching out and giving up their full complexity of flavour is known in China as ‘the agony of the leaves’ and is an important part of ensuring the best possible flavour in every cup. Our range of award-winning teas are served in some of the best restaurants, cafes and hotels across the UK, but you can also buy our loose leaf tea online to enjoy at home. From rich breakfast teas to aromatic oolongs, floral green teas to refreshing herbal infusions, our range of loose leaf teas offers a spectrum of flavour for any time of day.

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Is loose leaf tea better than tea bags?

Loose leaf tea will always brew the best cup of tea, thanks to the additional space in which the leaves can unfurl and give up their full flavour. Furthermore, loose leaf tea is better for the environment than tea bags. Due to a rise in low-grade tea bags in supermarkets, tea bags have become synonymous with poor quality. At Good & Proper Tea, however, the quality of the tea in our plastic-free, compostable tea bags is no different from our loose leaf range, making them a great alternative format for when convenience is key. Browse our range of loose leaf teas here.

How do you make tea with loose tea leaves?

Making tea with loose tea leaves might seem complicated but it is surprisingly easy and, when done right, it will always brew the best cup of tea. Find out how to make tea with loose tea leaves here.

Is loose leaf tea healthier than tea bags?

We use the same delicious, high quality leaves in both our loose leaf and tea bag ranges, so there is no reason that one should be healthier than the other. Loose leaf tea will, however, always brew the best possible cup and is also better for the environment. You can find out more about our tea bags here.

Can you reuse loose leaf tea?

A good quality Oolong, green or white tea, whether loose leaf or in tea bags, can be re-infused multiple times, with the flavour evolving each time. In fact subsequent infusions can sometimes be even better than the first. How many times a tea can be re-infused and the steeping time required to get the best possible flavour each time will vary depending on the tea type. We encourage you to experiment and explore to your taste!

How much loose leaf tea should I use?

The amount of tea you need will depend on which tea you are brewing, as well as how big your cup or teapot is. All Good & Proper Tea teas come with specific brewing instructions, but a rough guide for Black tea is approx 3g tea leaves (1 heaped teaspoon) per standard-sized mug. Find out more about making the perfect loose leaf tea here.

Does loose leaf tea expire?

Loose leaf tea does not expire. However, over time it can lose its flavour and aroma so the fresher the tea, the more vibrant your cup of tea. To keep your tea as fresh as possible it is important to store it correctly. Find out more about storing tea here.



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