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3 Ways with Lemon Verbena

It's around this time of year, with the warmer, longer days, that we start looking for something a little lighter and more refreshing from our tea. We see more and more of you adding our herbal infusions to your orders and, though we don't have favourites, a bright yellow cup of creamy Lemon Verbena never fails to hit the spot. 

Why we love Lemon Verbena

As its name would suggest, Lemon Verbena's flavour is distinctly citrusy, with a smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel. It is light and yet strikes a wonderful balance between the fragrant lemon character and a delicate, natural sweetness. Flavour always comes first for us, but there are plenty of other great reasons to reach for a cup of Lemon Verbena. Not only is it naturally caffeine-free, it is also known for relieving stress and calming the mind, making it a perfect choice for slowing down the pace of the day. It even helps as a digestive aid, so we like to put a pot on the table after lunch or dinner with friends, allowing the lemony aroma to fill the room as you pour each cup. You can't ask for much more than that from a simple cup of tea, can you?


Beyond the cuppa

We've already told you why we love drinking Lemon Verbena - and when we say drinking we meant served hot, allowing the essential oils to be released and the delicious cup to perform its calming magic. That said, the unique flavour of this particular herb can also be enjoyed beyond a hot infusion - in fact it can be used to add a herbaceous, lemony twist to anything from cocktails to baking.  Here are 3 of our favourites:

Iced Tea 

There's something about the dusty-green, elegantly curled leaves of Lemon Verbena, with their gentle lemon scent, that are the perfect addition to a table set outside. Our Lemon Verbena, Honey & Lemon Iced Tea is a natural go-to on a sunny day, with the simple addition of honey and lemon bringing this herb's flavour to life. This is a delicate and refreshing drink to accompany lunch outside. 


Lemon Verbena Curd

Whenever we think of lemon in dessert form, lemon curd instantly springs to mind - zesty, creamy and indulgent, it brings back all sorts of childhood nostalgia. One of our favourite recipes from our Crumpet Collaborations series a few years back was Lemon Verbena Curd by Henrietta Inman - irresistible when served over Good & Proper Sourdough Crumpets. Having just one is not an option (you have been warned). 


G & Tea

If you've ever tried experimenting with tea and cocktails, you'll surely have tried the tried-and-tested combination of gin and tea. The botanicals in gin work perfectly with the aromatics of so many teas, from Earl Grey to green teas and plenty of herbal infusions - Lemon Verbena being no exception. This simple twist on a Gin & Tonic is a great and very easy way to pep up your evening tipple, giving a gentle herbaceous twist to the other citrus flavours already in the glass. Delicious. 


Do let us know how you like to enjoy your Lemon Verbena. Why not try something new? It can be used to infuse the dairy in a baking recipe - think butter, cream, milk - or in the syrup for a cake or cocktail. The possibilities are endless!



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