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Taking inspiration from nature - wood carving with Grain & Knot

By Isabelle Wilkinson

Grain & Knot is the creative home of artist, Sophie Sellu. Born from a love of nature, exploration and the need for purpose in creation, Grain & Knot took shape after Sophie attended a spoon carving and bushcraft workshop in summer 2013. A graduate of the Manchester School of Art, Sophie also works with other mediums such as paint but makes her living from her work with reclaimed timber, which she crafts so beautifully into tactile, fully functional wooden kitchenware.


I arrived at Sophie’s house and studio on the first day of rain in what felt like the longest heat wave the UK has ever seen. The temperature had melted away my inspiration; a reminder that summer in the city should be avoided at all costs. The rain then, was greatly appreciated. On arrival I was greeted by Stanley, a 10 month old, frisky, silky smooth, black whippet, a pot of tea and a homemade courgette and clove cake that Sophie had whipped up in advance of my arrival.

This is not my first time sitting down for a cup of tea with Sophie, and I remember that she is a loyal Earl Grey drinker. This morning however, we’re drinking Brockley Breakfast tea and coffee whilst the rain drizzles outside the glass door and Sophie tells me all about the vegetable patch that we can see through the panes. Her tomato plants didn’t fare so well in London’s 30 degree heat, but a little pumpkin, some baby aubergines, and more of the courgettes that were picked and used to make the cake we’re enjoying are visible and enjoying the rain.

For those of you who follow Grain & Knot on Instagram, you will not be disappointed to hear that Sophie’s home is every bit as aesthetically pleasing as her posts. White wooden shelving, lined with pots and ceramics, frame the walls of her kitchen, spoons hang on the walls, woven plant pots are filled with succulents and interspersed with minimalist prints.




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