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Refresh and Reset with Herbals

The start of the year is always big for herbals. Perhaps it's the lack of sunshine or an urge to cleanse post-Christmas, but a well brewed pot of herbal tea is often all we need to feel a little better. 

The rainbow of colours makes you feel brighter from the inside out and, being naturally caffeine-free, they tend to call for a slower pace than their get-up-and-go, caffeinated counterparts. 

Refresh and reset with our top 3 infusions 



Hibiscus continues to grow in popularity and this year is tipped to be a leading food trend for 2022. It's a team favourite so naturally we're thrilled, though we've been drinking it for years! Expect to see plenty more recipes that call for the tea's unmistakable ruby-red hue.  Packed with Vitamin C, it's an essential for every home during these colder months. 


If you're reducing your caffeine or cutting it out all together, Rooibos is your go-to thanks to its robust flavour. If your day relies heavily on that first cup of English Breakfast (we feel you) and you're looking for a change, we promise you won't feel like you're missing out with a good cup of Rooibos. Our Good & Proper Rooibos produces a full-bodied, honey-sweet flavour with notes of dried cherries and vanilla, and is even lovely with a dash of milk if you fancy it. 


A delicate tea that packs a punch when it comes to its powerful healing and health benefits. Chamomile tea has been consumed for centuries as a natural remedy, thanks to its yellow flowers being rich in antioxidants. It can help aid sleep, promote good digestive health and even boost immunity. With hints of honey and apple, our Chamomile is fresh, sweet and calming. 




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