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Our Favourite Summer Teas

The sun is out, the holidays are in full swing and we're all making the most of the long summer evenings while they last. If you're a regular follower here at Good & Proper you may have noticed just how much we love Iced Tea - but when it comes to enjoying tea during these warmer months, hot tea is still a great option too. We lean towards lighter, floral and more delicate hot teas during this time of year, and it appears you do too. Here's a round up of what you've all been filling your cups with this summer. 

Jade Tips (Mao Jian) Green Tea 

A favourite of ours to be enjoyed at any time of year, but we really do love a hot cup of this on a warmer day. It has a clean vegetal flavour, with a hint of almond sweetness which feels rather up-lifting. 

Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea 

Zesty and fresh our loose leaf Lemon Verbena is perfect for long summer days and late summer nights. Brew for 3 minutes to enjoy a bright yellow, creamy cup of this relaxing herbal tea. 



Darjeeling 2nd Flush Black Tea 

Medium bodied with a floral aroma, Darjeeling 2nd Flush loose leaf tea is elegantly fragrant with a unique muscatel flavour. We take ours without milk, usually in the afternoon and ideally in the garden with friends.

Hibiscus Herbal Tea 

Incredibly pretty and always a crowd pleaser, the perfect addition to any outdoor dining set up. A little dash of honey is your secret ingredient here, but not essential. Our Hibiscus herbal tea is refreshingly tart, bright and fruity - it's summer in a cup really. 

Four Seasons Oolong Tea  

With lingering notes of tropical fruits, our Four Seasons Oolong is incredibly appealing during the summer months. It's smooth, floral, light and easygoing -  best enjoyed alongside a little peace and quiet! 



You can shop all of our favourite whole leaf tea bags and loose leaf tea here. And if you're still in the mood for trying any number of our yummy Iced Tea recipes head over to our blog.  




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