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How to make Matcha

By Emilie Holmes

Enjoying Matcha straight up, in the traditional style, is surely the most satisfying (not to mention healthy) way to enjoy this much-loved green tea. In Japan, the preparation of Matcha is accompanied by a ceremony that has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries - a ritual that is as much about the grace and beauty of each movement as it is about the drink. We might not have time for the full ceremony, but we can still make Matcha part of our everyday routine with this quick, easy to follow method. 

Take a moment, follow each step and observe the movements involved in each one. Then sit back and enjoy both the heady aroma and fresh flavour of this extraordinary green tea. 

What you need

Method for making Matcha

  1. Fill the kettle with freshly drawn water, boil and then allow to cool for 5 minutes.

  2. In the meantime, measure out the Matcha using your bamboo scoop

  3. Sift the powder into the base of your bowl

  4. Start by adding just a couple of drops of the water (around 10ml)

  5. Use your bamboo whisk to mix the water and powder, using gentle, circular movements to prepare a smooth, thick paste. Be sure to get rid of any lumps.

  6. Pour the remaining water over the paste and use your bamboo whisk to whip the Matcha into a creamy froth. Move the whisk very quickly back and forth in an M or W shape, without allowing the whisk to touch the bottom of the bowl.

  7. The result should be a smooth, creamy, vibrant green froth with consistent tiny bubbles. The sign of a good result is when you lift the whisk and the foam sticks to the bristles!

  8. Hold the bowl between both hands and lift it to the mouth, inhaling to take in the aroma before sipping the tea.

  9. Enjoy!

Note: for a smooth, creamy cup it is important to use a drinking grade of Matcha. Ours is Ceremonial Grade and is made from the young leaves of the first harvest of the year, giving it its vibrant green colour and delicate sweetness. 



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