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Doing Iced Tea Properly

Here at Good & Proper, summertime means one thing: iced tea! Having served uniquely refreshing iced teas at our tea bars for years now, we set out to create an easy way to make that same great iced tea at home.

Bar a few people 'doing it properly', iced tea available in the UK mostly consists of bottled products that are packed full of sugar – with very little tea actually in them! We think this is a shame: not only does it make iced tea not the healthiest option, but adding heaps of sugar covers up the delicate and refreshing flavours of tea. With increasing awareness of the harmful effects of too much sugar, we decided to do something new. Using 100% natural ingredients for a fresh take on iced tea, our new tea bags show off the flavours of proper iced tea, and still have a gentle natural sweetness despite being sugar-free. 

Iced Hibiscus Tea with Rose Hip and Ginger, Iced Rooibos Tea with Orange and Iced Green Tea with Lemon Balm all contain absolutely no flavourings or sugar, just natural ingredients locked inside beautiful fully-compostable tea bags. Each tea bag is designed to be hot-brewed then topped up with ice, so you get a refreshing iced tea that’s ready in minutes. Simple, natural and delicious: iced tea done properly.

Iced Hibiscus Tea with Rose Hip and Ginger

The fresh, tart flavour of our Hibiscus, combined with Rose Hip and Ginger, makes for a wonderfully zingy, caffeine-free iced tea – perfect on a hot summer’s day. Naturally packed full of Vitamin C, our Hibiscus tea makes an ideal partner for the delicate red berry notes of Rose Hip and the hint of ginger. Try it with a wedge of lime for an extra-refreshing take on a super summery iced tea.

Iced Rooibos Tea with Orange

Combining the delicately sweet, dried cherry notes of Rooibos with a hint of orange, our Iced Rooibos Tea makes for a deliciously full-bodied brew, without any caffeine. Best served (you guessed it) with a big slice of orange. Tastes a bit like a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz, but this one you can drink all day long without the woozy head the next day.

Iced Green Tea with Lemon Balm

The fresh, floral notes of our Jade Tips green tea are the perfect match for the subtle citrus flavour of Lemon Balm. Green tea’s natural metabolism-boosting properties make it a great pre- or post-gym drink. Garnish with a sprig of mint for a reviving and cooling sugar-free iced tea, with the gentle caffeine boost that green tea is famous for.

You can make your own Good & Proper Iced Tea at home with these handy tea bags, cool down with an iced tea at a number of the festivals we’re headed to over the coming months, or slurp your way through the range instore at our Tea Bar, all summer long.



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