How to make loose leaf tea

By Emilie Holmes + video by Will Warr

A cup of tea is a very personal thing, but there are a few things that you can get right to make sure that you get a delicious cup, every time.

You can either watch the video tutorial from founder, Emilie, or you can read the steps below.

1. Use good tea. That means whole, loose leaf tea.

2. Use the right amount of leaf for the volume of water - we recommend 6g (2 heaped teaspoons) for a 350ml pot.

3. Bring freshly drawn, filtered water to the boil. For blacks and herbals, pour directly over the leaves. For oolongsgreens and whites, allow the water to cool before using it to avoid burning the leaves.

4. Pour the water over the leaves and allow to brew for 3 minutes or as per brewing instructions.

5. Once brewed, you want to separate the leaf from the liquor to stop the tea overextracting. To do this you can use either a teapot with an infuser or alternatively use infuser tongs or an in-cup brewer and brew inside your cup. Once happy with the strength remove the infuser to leave you with just the brewed tea.

6. Enjoy your perfectly brewed pot of tea!