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Hibiscus Tea & Lychee Sour from Brick Brewery

Despite the trying year we've experienced the world over, one thing is for sure - creativity is thriving, especially amongst, small, local and creative businesses. We've come across so many incredible collaborations and partnerships recently, good people, doing good things together, and we're thrilled to have been part of one with our friends over at Brick Brewery.

Introducing their brand new Hibiscus Tea and Lychee Sour.

What can you expect?

A delightful, modern sour ale in their very own house style, brewed with our Hibiscus tea. It's rich in colour and has a balanced acidity with delicate tannins and perfumed lychee notes - quite frankly it tastes amazing!

When did you start working with other brands on flavour collaborations?

We have always loved the way in which you can use unusual adjuncts to make a beer that little bit more unique. It not only makes it exciting for the consumer, but also challenges us as well in terms of brewing and recipe creation. We have worked with kasu from a London sake maker, jerk spice from a well known chef, coffee from a local roastery and now tea from Brockley to name a few!

Why Good & Proper?

We have always championed local and independent businesses and now more than ever we need to be there for one another, plus they do pretty banging teas!

Where did the inspiration for this particular recipe come from?

Getting to try Good and Proper’s Hibiscus Tea, it had some really great tart, drying notes that we immediately thought would work with our base sour recipe. We also wanted to use Lychee for some time and thought the sweet, perfumed notes would work as a good counterpoint to the hibiscus.

We really liked the Jasmine tea – it wasn’t really appropriate for a sour but we’re jones-ing to use it in something again in the future.

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