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Celebrating World Book Day with some Good & Proper reads

A cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to so many moments throughout the day, but a personal favourite is helping us to relax into a good book. To celebrate this year's World Book Day and the important work they do to promote reading, we asked our very own team here to share the books they are currently enjoying, or most like to curl up with, cup of tea in hand. Naturally, as a team of tea people who love to read, it's no surprise we each have a particular go-to tea to fill our cups for those moments too.

Emilie - Founder

With a 3 year old and a 1 year old at home, I only manage to steal the time to read just before I go to sleep - and even then sometimes I can't keep my eyelids open for more than a few pages so it's slow progress! That said, even when I'm exhausted, I always climb into bed, with a cup of Chamomile next to me, and open the pages just long enough to be absorbed back into the story.

If nothing else, a good book that you can't wait to pick up is essential for stopping you reaching for your phone for a pre-bed scroll - a terrible idea as we all know. I am currently reading 'American Wife' by Curtis Sittenfeld. I am about half way through now and really enjoying it - the protagonist, Alice, is a gentle, kind and endlessly likeable character and the story follows her battle between her feelings for her husband, for her country and for herself.

Josh - Director of Ops & Business Development 

A book I've read recently and loved is 'Born to Run' by Christopher McDougall. An incredible account of a journalist's time with a remote Mexican tribe who posses phenomenal running techniques and endurance. I enjoy endurance events and this book inspired me to book into some long-distance races this summer and get training! I get most of my reading done in the evening so would definitely be with a Chamomile before bed. 


Oli - Warehouse Manager 

I'm currently engaged in ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhig along with a daily cup of Earl Grey - now that’s one habit I have no trouble sticking to! 

Kiera - Marketing Manager 

I naturally gravitate towards the autobiographies of my favourite musicians and band members, and this one did not disappoint. I could not put down 'Acid for the Children' - the autobiography of Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. An emotive and wildly entertaining coming of age story (my favourite kind of story) - I highly recommend it. Enjoyed mainly with a pot of our loose leaf Peppermint (the best mint tea out there).  

Tom - Finance Director 

One of my all time favourite books is ‘Around The World in 80 days’ by Jules Verne. I first read it in French when I was studying at university, and despite it taking a little longer to get through than normal (!), I loved it. It’s now like one of those old favourite films you can watch over and over again. The pace, adventure and intrigue of foreign lands in simpler times is pure escapism - something that we have certainly needed over the last few years. Phileas Fogg will always be one of the great adventurers and I will see myself escaping with him many more times with a tea in hand - Brockley Breakfast to be precise. 


Hollie - Social Media Manager 

I've just finished reading ‘Into thin air’ by Jon Kraukauer. The book is about a storm that hit Everest while he and his team were near the summit. I had been reading it every evening with our beautiful Jasmine Pearls, just to really get in the moment. 

Chris - Warehouse Assistant

At the moment I'm reading 'Trading in the Zone' by Ari Kiev  - usually with a pot of Hibiscus. I thought the book would teach me about trading - however it’s gone beyond my expectations and is now teaching me more about myself, how to train myself to think more logically & how society works collectively. 

Shea - Team Assistant

I'm currently loving the strange and imaginative writing of Haruki Murakami with 'Sputnik Sweetheart'. Best enjoyed whilst sipping Rooibos with a dash of honey in the afternoons.


If you're feeling inspired, all of our book choices are linked so you can pick up a copy of our favourites from your local bookshop via (we'll be doing a bit of Good & Proper book swap). Enjoy, and happy World Book Day!



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