How to Make a Rooibos Latte


By Emilie Holmes


This winter we launched a new addition to the Tea Bar menu: the Rooibos Latte. Known as a 'red espresso' or 'red latte' in South Africa, where they feature on most coffee shop menus, our favourite new drink is naturally sweet, velvety smooth & delightfully caffeine-free. In fact we love it so much we've decided to share the recipe so you can make your own at home. 

What you need


  1. First prepare your concentrate by brewing the Wild Rooibos in water fresh off the boil for 10 minutes - you need it nice and strong. 
  2. Strain the leaves & stir in a teaspoon of honey.
  3. For each latte, pour 50ml of your concentrate into a glass or mug.
  4. Heat the oat milk (we use a steam wand in the shop but heating it in a pan until it just starts to simmer will work just fine).
  5. Finally slowly pour the milk through the concentrate
  6. You can keep the remaining concentrate in the fridge for up to 3 days but we assure you it won't last that long...

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