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We start by sourcing teas from around the world. We then focus on the brewing, ensuring the best possible flavour in each customers' cup. 

We are a team of passionate brewers, blenders, tasters, curators and, perhaps most importantly, drinkers of loose-leaf tea. We started brewing and serving tea on a rainy London kerb from a 1974 Citroen H van. Now, over 4 years later and thanks to the support of our many wonderful customers, friends, partners and suppliers, Good & Proper Tea has grown to a flagship Tea Bar, an online store and a growing network of cafe and restaurant partners. 

Everything we do is driven by a passion for serving delicious cups of tea so we’re delighted that you might be interested in joining us in doing so.



Why become a partner?


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Award-Winning Teas

We work hard to find, taste and select teas from farms and co-operatives around the world, always looking for something special that will stand up on its own without blending or flavouring. 

  • Comprehensive range of loose-leaf teas

  • Focus on quality, flavour and provenance

  • Recognised by Great Taste Awards

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Quick, Reliable Delivery

We understand that our Wholesale partners operate in fast-paced environments and that the tea supply is just one of the many things to juggle. We therefore pride ourselves on offering a reliable service, aiming to get orders out quickly and efficiently.

  • Simple ordering process 

  • Quick, personal response

  • Free delivery over £150

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Training & Support

It takes care and attention to make the perfect cup of tea, which is why we offer all of our selected Wholesale partners comprehensive training. As cafe-owners ourselves, we can also help with tea menus, as well as choosing the right teaware and equipment. 

  • Free on and off-site training

  • Menu consultation

  • Range of teaware options 

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Join us

We get excited about getting other people excited about tea, so from our Monthly Tea Tasting evenings to sharing insights, passing on recipes or just getting together for drinks, we love getting to know our Wholesale Partners. 

  • Free staff access to Monthly Tea Tastings

  • Sharing new recipes e.g. iced tea, cocktails etc.

  • Sharing customer insights e.g. bestselling teas, seasonal patterns.

  • Events, competitions and more.

Want to find out more?

For more information about our products, pricing and partnership opportunities, fill in the form below. You can also contact Jack via email at wholesale@goodandpropertea.com to arrange a tea tasting at our Tea Bar on Leather Lane. 

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