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Doing Things Properly

For us it's about tea, but we are inspired by others who also have their heads down, focused on doing just one thing and doing it properly. Those people are the inspiration behind this series, in which we’ll share the things that got us talking - from people we met, places we found, food we can't stop thinking about or even just something we watched, loved and wanted to share. We hope you like it - it is, naturally, best enjoyed with a cup of tea close by...

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Brewer's Pick

Brewer's Pick is our newsletter series that looks more closely at a particular tea. As the name suggests, the tea will be chosen by one of our Brewers each time, either based on the season, a recent harvest or simply because it's a personal favourite. We hope these emails will give you a deeper insight into the exciting world of tea before it reaches our cup - where it grows, who crafts the leaves and what makes each one so unique. 

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The Edit 

The Edit is our newsletter series in which we showcase new and existing products. Like you, we are passionate tea drinkers, so we're always on the look out for new teas, teaware and accessories to ensure we're bringing you the best. These emails are therefore an opportunity for us to share with you a few of the products we're particularly excited about each month. 

The Edit contains offers that are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

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