Easy Leaf Tea by Timothy d'Offay

Easy Leaf Tea by Timothy d'Offay


This beautifully put together and fascinating book is perfect for those looking to deepen their knowledge of tea, its culture and develop their brewing skills.

Timothy d’Offay, of Postcard Teas, takes you through what water to use, different brewing tools, through to the more advanced techniques such as Flow Brewing. Timothy also delves deep into all things Matcha and provides some delicious recipes that use this amazing stone ground ceremonial tea.

Some more information on Timothy d’Offay

Whilst living in Japan’s Kyoto over 20 years ago, Timothy became captivated by tea culture and tea growing. In 2008 he set up Postcard Teas, a speciality tea company that puts emphasis on provenance and small tea (small producers who farm less than 15 acres). They have a shop in London’s, Mayfair.

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