Blog - 6 Reasons we Should all Drink More Tea

By Isabelle Wilkinson

Naturally, we drink a lot of tea at G&P. Our days are punctuated by working through the tea shelf. However, if unlike us you need a little persuasion to stick the kettle on, here's why we should all be drinking more of the good stuff:

1. All of the variety - from rich black tea to aromatic oolongs, floral greens and whites; it's incredible to think that all of these brews fall under one name.

2. Health benefits - there are endless benefits to drinking each of these types - it's important to keep hydrated after all. Green tea for example, is famed for its weight loss, concentration and memory boosting properties. 

3. It's personal -  as we add new teas to our selection we play around endlessly with the brewing to bring out the best flavour and drinking experience for each type. That said, we know it's personal and we love hearing how tea drinkers brew their favourites. 

4. All of the caffeine, none of the jitters - just like coffee, some teas are caffeinated. However, the way the tea is released into your blood stream is slower and leaves you feeling invigorated for longer.

5. Perfect for all times of the day - Whatever time of day, there is always a tea that will do the trick. Start off with a hearty breakfast brew, power through the afternoon with a green, and finish your day with a calming Chamomile in bed.

6. A time for tea - there has never been a more exciting time for tea. We're a nation of tea drinkers and the days of over brewed tea bags might well be over. Walk into your favourite coffee shop and you might just catch your barista drinking an oolong behind the bar.