A Cup of Tea with Bella Mackie


We were lucky enough to welcome in 2019, with a visit to the tea bar, from author-of-the-moment, Bella Mackie.

At the time of recording, Bella’s first book ‘Jog On’ was sitting comfortably at the number two spot on The Sunday Times’ Bestseller list, just underneath a certain Obama.

An absolute pleasure to host, the atmosphere on the night was one of solidarity and strength in talking about our nations’ collective struggles with mental health. There was laughter, there were tales of personal battles, and Bella provided all of the inspiration for squeezing on your own running shoes, and just heading out.

In case you couldn’t make it, you can have a listen to how the night unfolded below. A highly recommended listen for laughs, and cries, and brutal honesty about the things we all experience with our mental health.


Hosted by the ever-wonderful, Hannah MacInnes.

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