Why tea bags


We enjoy the process of brewing a proper cup of loose tea - a mindful ritual, just a few minutes long, that is rewarded with a delicious brew. There is no doubt that loose tea will brews the best of all cups. We also understand, however, that not every cup of tea over the course of a busy day can justify such a moment. With that in mind, we knew that adding a range of tea bags to our offering was an important step, so we set out to open up our teas to even more occasions, while staying true to our foundations of doing tea properly.

Good & Proper Chamomile teabags

When it came to designing and bringing those tea bags to life then, we took the same care and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from us. We spent months tasting, testing everything from the amount of leaf, the shape of the bag, the materials and more. Starting with 6 of our bestselling teas, we now have a range we are very proud of.

The Tea

One of the main reasons why tea bags get a bad reputation is due to the poor quality tea found inside them. Most supermarket bags are filled with what is known in the industry as CTC or cut-tear-curl tea, meaning that the leaves have been crushed into tiny pieces to produce a strong, fast-brewing tea. The process of crushing them, however, means much of the flavour is lost. The tea leaves we use in our bags are the same, whole leaves you already know and love - complex, delicious and bursting with flavour. 

The Bag

Just as brewing loose makes for the best possible cup, it should also be no surprise that it is better for the environment. Indeed, loose tea drinkers are actively encouraged to compost their leaves. Tea bags, however, can be quite the opposite. That's why we chose to produce our bags from a non-toxic material called Soilon - a fine mesh made from corn starch which can be readily broken down by microorganisms in the soil. That makes our tea bags 100% compostable. 

Good & Proper tea bag in cup

The shape and size of the bag was a crucial component in our decision making process. For tea leaves to offer up the best possible flavour, they need plenty of room to unfurl. We therefore needed to strike a careful balance between offering a generous dose of tea in each bag, while allowing the leaves sufficient space to infuse. After much testing and tasting, we were delighted with the results, with our bags brewing a cup matching the quality and complexity of their loose leaf equivalent. Finally we plumped for a square shape, allowing you to see the beautiful leaves that go into each cup.

The Brew

As with all of our loose leaf teas, we offer suggested brewing instructions for each variant that we sell. While the bag itself has taken care of the amount of leaf for you, we'll still recommend the best water temperature and brewing time to get the finest cup. You'll find these brewing instructions on the side of each box.

Brockley Breakfast tea bag

Like everything we do, we’ve taken something simple, and set out to do it better, to do it properly. Six months in the making, we’re very excited to add these beautiful bags to the G&P line up, and hope you will too. 

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