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It takes care and attention to detail to make the perfect cup of tea, which is why we offer all of our selected wholesale partners comprehensive training. We'll also help create a bespoke menu and choose a range of teaware, tailored specifically to those customers you know so well.

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The tea is terrific, great and original selection, awesome packaging and overall amazing service!
— Stir Coffee, Brixton
Thanks again for all your help in 2016, your service has been excellent throughout.
— Established Coffee, Belfast
We’re a new cafe in South East London and this first year has been a whirlwind of trial and error - but one thing that we got very right first time was our tea supplier!! The tea at Good and Proper is delicious. There is a huge range and they speak for themselves. It’s really helped us become known for quality and not just in coffee. We’ve had so many customers comment on the quality and the beautiful taste of the tea. We also have loved how the team focus on every tiny detail. They’re a real person-led business.They’ve made it really easy for us and been so flexible when ordering late and making it up as we go. They are so passionate about the tea and you can tell in every aspect of what they are producing, from the packaging to the labelling to the tea leaves themselves. It is what it says on the tea Good and Proper (and delicious) Tea. We’re really thankful to their help this year.
— Lumberjack, Camberwell
We at Daisy Green are delighted to be working with Good & Proper Tea in promoting speciality, high quality loose leaf tea. Good & Proper Tea have been fantastic in their service and in showcasing some excellent teas to us, which we are very happy to have on our menus. Good & Proper Tea’s humble and exciting approach to education and the deliverance of information is something that we hold in high regard as we continually develop our company in the food and drink industry
— Daisy Green, multiple locations

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