A Cup of Tea with

Once a month, we welcome an author with something really exciting to share, to join us, host Hannah MacInnes, and a live audience to our tea bar for a cup of tea. Over the course of an hour and a half, we gain an insight into the minds of these creative people; documentary-makers, business leaders, writers, explorers - people doing things properly and with passion. They share with us their stories, and topics close to their hearts, which by the end of the evening become, inevitably, close to ours also.

It's a small, intimate and refreshing evening - always packed to the rafters with an audience who are excited to learn about something new.

For us, the beauty of these events, is in the intimate atmosphere that our small-but-perfectly-formed Tea Bar offers, so whilst you may have missed out on tickets, or perhaps, you live further afield, you can catch up with the conversations we’ve shared here.

See our What’s On page to see who we’ve got joining us over the coming months, and then stick the kettle on, make a cup of good and proper tea, and sit back and relax.