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Unit 48 Brockley Business Centre, Brockley, SE4 2PD
United Kingdom

London based Brewers & Traders of Loose Leaf Tea. 

White Tea Collection

Loose Leaf Tea

All of our teas are single origin, meaning that instead of mixing leaves from here, there and everywhere, they're all grown in one place. Deliciously pure, whole leaf tea and nothing else. 

White Tea Collection

White Tea Collection .jpg
White Tea Collection .jpg

White Tea Collection


The perfect gift for someone who enjoys more delicate flavours. This collection box includes our White teas, along with a beautiful glass teapot with a removable infuser for easy brewing. Crafted from the finest leaves and buds, these unusual teas are both famous for their health benefits, both from China yet each distinct in flavour.

This box includes:

Silver Needle (8 cups)
White Peony (8 cups)
G&P Glass Teapot
White Tea Collection guide

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