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News, thoughts, recipes & other tea musings. 

Hibiscus & Maple Iced Tea

Freddie Forrester

The tart, fruity notes of our Hibiscus makes it a popular choice for summer, hot or cold, but we particularly love it in this recipe as a midday cool-down. 

4g Hibiscus
250ml filtered water
1 tsp of maple syrup
Squeeze of lime

Brew the Hibiscus for 3-4 mins in water fresh off the boil. 
Strain the leaves & leave to cool for 30 mins.
Fill a shaker with ice then add the tea & maple syrup. 
Shake vigorously.
Serve in a glass with ice & finish with a squeeze of lime!

Rooibos & Orange Iced Tea

Freddie Forrester

The red fruit & vanilla notes of our Wild Rooibos make for a delicious iced tea. We particularly like the delicate flavour when cold-brewed. Try this simple recipe at home for a refreshing, caffeine & sugar-free summer brew.

15g Wild Rooibos
1 litre mineral water
Half an orange, sliced. 

Spoon 15g (or approximately 5 heaped teaspoons) tea into a 1l bottle of mineral water. Leave in the fridge overnight or for 4-6 hours (the longer the better, up to 10 hours) To serve fill a glass with ice & 2 slices of orange. Pour the tea over & enjoy!